Music & Philosophy

Ideas about music and life

Here I want to share some essential ideas to music and it´s relation, meaning and effect to life.


I feel and I´m deeply convinced that everything is related or connected with each other. Music starts where words end and it is one medium (or language) which stimulates our mind, heart and soul and also our physical body. For me music is the center of my life since I am a small child and I studied (and still do) all aspects of music, it´s structure, psychology, the historical and social developement and influences etc.since then. Only who devotes himself completly and deeply to music can become a real artist.


Music can illustrate every aspect of life and my aim is to be able to express this as precise as possible. This is one reason why I am not connected to only one music style. Every style depends om it´s historical and social context. Music as an universal way of expression needs to be related to all of this, but in the same moment it should be independent and timeless.


For me a music transformes to a fine art when concepts (like time, good and bad, etc.) desolve and musicans and listener will just remain in resonance. It is a moment of infinity and spirituality and maybe - for the ones who believe - a religous revelation, but at least it should be entertaining and inspiring.


To reflect about this ideas and to show my approach to music and life more precisely I want to share some of my concepts here.

I would be glad about response, critics, further ideas or inspiring impulses!