Hesse Körner Petrov

Progressive New Orleans Sound plus laid-back Cha-Cha-Cha

Hesse Körner Petrov
Hesse Körner Petrov

Like a sweet outdoor party, like a hot summer night, like dancing salsa barefoot on the street - that's how it sounds and feels like when three musicians from Cologne and New Orleans come to play music together.

The trio Hesse Körner Petrov (HKP) brings the funky frenchmen street sound of New Orleans to another level by integrating relaxing latin vibes. 

That is worldwide unique, full of groove, fun and joie de vivre!


The drum is played by band leader Benedikt Hesse. With this project 'Hesse Koerner Petrov featuring Johnny Vidacovich' he converts his vision of bringing New Orleans (funk) and Kuba (latin) together into practice.


Georgi Petrov plays the guitar. His name has become very well known in the New Orleans music scene within the shortest time. A native of Bulgaria, Georgi Petrov studied Jazz Performance at the University of New Orleans and graduated summa cum laude. 


Gero Körner is known worldwide as an exceptional talent on the keys. He has very often demonstrated his skills and amazed the audience as a sideman of several artists like Max Mutzke, Ute Lemper or the two-time winner of the ESC Johnny Logan. Gero Körner has a dual function within the new HKP project: playing the Hammond B3 he is responsible for the bass. This legendary instrument literally defines the sound of the band and enables this authentic music experience. 



Benedikt Hesse – Drums read more

Gero Koerner – Hammond B3

Georgi Petrov (USA) – Guitar read more

+ Johnny Vidacovich - Producer & Special Guest


10 % of all revenues from albums sells are donated to the

New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic.


Hesse Koerner Petrov featuring Johnny Vidacovich